Where’s the Joy?

A few years ago, a simple phrase in a TV commercial went viral.  The commercial portrayed an elderly lady going into a fast food restaurant, ordering a hamburger, and when she gets it, she pulls back the top bun and demands, “Where’s the beef?”  Soon afterwards the question, “Where’s the beef?” became a popular responseContinue reading “Where’s the Joy?”

Walking with God . . . Imaginary Friend or Eternal God

A recent TV commercial shows a young girl at the dinner table with her older brother. The girl asks her mother for an extra helping of food for her “imaginary friend.”  Her brother objects, saying it is not fair for her to get two servings while he only gets one. The mom says to herContinue reading “Walking with God . . . Imaginary Friend or Eternal God”

Gathered AND Scattered

The recent winter blizzards in the northeast caused huge delays in airline flight schedules, and as a result, thousands of people were stranded in airports all over the nation.  Because of the backlog of canceled flights, many airports looked like pajama parties gone awry, with people gathered everywhere — many sleeping on couches, benches, chairs,Continue reading “Gathered AND Scattered”


Sometimes, certain words catch my attention and I can’t seem to get them out of my head. It’s like hearing a song over and over that just won’t go away. This happened to me with the word “unleash.”  The word caught my attention through a new ministry we recently launched, called “Unleashed by Design,” aContinue reading “Unleashed”

The Power of Partnerships

How important are partnerships in your life, and in your ministry?  Have you given much thought to the partnerships in your life?  Which were successful?  Which were failures?  Do you find yourself seeking out new partnerships, clinging to old ones, or steering clear of them altogether? Partnerships are important.  In Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 the Bible says,Continue reading “The Power of Partnerships”

Five basics of encouraging each other

Accept one another in love just as Christ has accepted us.  (Romans 15:7) Care for one another in love without crossing the line into parenting or taking inappropriate responsibility for solving the problems of others (John  13:34-35) Treat one another with respect in both speech and action.  (Ephesians 4:25-5:2) Keep your commitments to each other,Continue reading “Five basics of encouraging each other”