Learning to Walk Worthy . . . “It Takes a Community”

You may have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The saying and its attribution as an African proverb provided the source for the title of a children’s book, It Takes a Village by Jane Cowen-Fletcher, published in 1994.  A few years later, First Lady Hillary Clinton published a book by the same title.  Scholars disagree onContinue reading “Learning to Walk Worthy . . . “It Takes a Community””


Sometimes, certain words catch my attention and I can’t seem to get them out of my head. It’s like hearing a song over and over that just won’t go away. This happened to me with the word “unleash.”  The word caught my attention through a new ministry we recently launched, called “Unleashed by Design,” aContinue reading “Unleashed”


I usually do not make New Year’s resolutions. Not because I don’t want to change, but because I realize resolutions have little or no power, in and of themselves, and most resolutions don’t last more than a few weeks at best. However, I’m making an exception this year. I do have a New Year’s resolution; in fact, I have three. I’m calling them the ABCs of my best year yet!