Turning The Church Inside Out

Recently, I read the story in Acts 17 about Paul and Silas preaching the Gospel in the city of Thessalonica.  Their preaching resulted in a number of people coming to faith, and becoming followers of Jesus.  Also, a number of religious people in the same city were so offended they gathered a mob and attackedContinue reading “Turning The Church Inside Out”

Encourage One Another

Seldom have I seen pastors and leaders encouraging one another the way they did last week at a leadership-training event. On May 3rd the PBA Leadership Team sponsored a conference entitled, “Pursuing Excellence: Taking Your Church to the Next Level.”   Early in the planning process, the Leadership Development Team decided rather than inviting the usual “big name”Continue reading “Encourage One Another”

He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease

There is a phrase in the New Testament that has always intrigued me, but I’ve never felt like I completely understood what it means or how to fully put it into practice.  The words are recorded in the Gospel of John, and were spoken by John the Baptist to his followers.  A discussion took placeContinue reading “He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease”

Awesome Power

Saturday, April 16th, 2011, many people spent part of the day sitting in interior hallways, bathtubs, and closets, while a super cell thunderstorm roared overhead.  The storm was tracked at speeds of 50 to 75 miles per hour as it raced across North Carolina, spawning tornado after tornado, and causing at least 20 fatalities.  AccordingContinue reading “Awesome Power”

Getting Ready for Spring?

I love springtime!  There is something so inspiring about the bright yellow bells, the deep purple pansies, and the pristine white blossoms of the Bradford pear trees.  Before long, the various colors of the dogwoods will appear, along with the dazzling hues of the azaleas. There is a sense of anticipation in the air whenContinue reading “Getting Ready for Spring?”

How’s your vision?

Sometimes, I get a kick out of TV commercials.  Recently, there was a series of commercials by an eyeglass company showing various scenes where people did embarrassing and funny things because they couldn’t see what they were doing, or what was going on around them.  One commercial shows a lady jumping into what she thinksContinue reading “How’s your vision?”

“God Sightings”

Every week, a pastor friend begins Sunday morning worship with an invitation to the entire congregation; “Tell us about your God-sightings this week.”  For him, this is the essence of the weekly worship experience – sharing the members’ weekly personal encounters with God. Sharing these God-sightings is the heart of their faith community – theContinue reading ““God Sightings””


Sometimes, certain words catch my attention and I can’t seem to get them out of my head. It’s like hearing a song over and over that just won’t go away. This happened to me with the word “unleash.”  The word caught my attention through a new ministry we recently launched, called “Unleashed by Design,” aContinue reading “Unleashed”