Surviving and Thriving Under Pressure!

Today, perhaps more than ever before, we feel under pressure.  The pandemic has left us feeling like a titanic weight is crushing us.  How do we survive? More important, how can we thrive under pressure? In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the United States government developed and deployed nuclear powered submarines.  The USS Thresher wasContinue reading “Surviving and Thriving Under Pressure!”

Silence and Solitude

Have you ever thought about the importance of silence and solitude in your spiritual growth and formation? I come from a tradition and culture that places a high value on being busy and doing things for God, so much so, that taking time to sit quietly and enjoy the presence of God is often neglected.Continue reading “Silence and Solitude”

Following Christ in a “Just Do It” Culture

From 1988 to 1998, Nike, an American company known worldwide for its footwear and sports apparel, increased its share of the domestic sport-shoe business from a respectable18% to a whopping 43%.  A major reason for this growth was the successful advertising campaign built around the phrase, “Just Do It.”  The slogan not only increased the popularityContinue reading “Following Christ in a “Just Do It” Culture”

A Purpose Beyond Our Pain

His death was, to say the least, unexpected. He was young, and had just recently become a follower of Jesus.  The church leaders had recognized his dedication and commitment, and had asked him to take care of the widows’ ministry.  Of all people, why did God allow this happen to him? He was very dedicated,Continue reading “A Purpose Beyond Our Pain”

One, Two, Three . . . Eyes on Me!

The children were each in their own world.  Some were talking. Others were playing games. A couple of others were picking at each other.  The noise level had steadily increased several decibels over the last few minutes.  All of the sudden, the teacher’s voice could be heard over everything else, “One, two, three, eyes onContinue reading “One, Two, Three . . . Eyes on Me!”

Checking Our Blind Spot

We know how important it is to check your blind spot when you are driving.  It is one of the most important lessons we learn in driver’s education class.  Failing to check the blind spot could easily result in an accident.  After years of insistence and persistence from my wife, I finally purchased blind spot mirrorsContinue reading “Checking Our Blind Spot”