Like A Splinter in Your Mind

In the movie, The Matrix, the character Morpheus said to Neo, “You are here because you know something.  What you know, you can’t explain, but you feel it.  You’ve felt it your entire life.  There is something wrong with the world, but you don’t know what it is.  But it’s there, like a splinter in your mind.”Continue reading “Like A Splinter in Your Mind”

The Gathered and Scattered Church

The record-breaking storms this winter caused huge delays in airline flight schedules, and as a result, thousands of people were stranded in airports all over the country.  Because of the backlog of canceled flights, many airports looked like pajama parties gone awry, with people gathered everywhere — many sleeping on couches, benches, chairs, tables, and floors. Continue reading “The Gathered and Scattered Church”

Releasing the Missionary in You

Let me ask you, “What is your calling?  How many of you are members of a church?  How many are ministers in that church?  How many consider yourselves to be missionaries of that church?  Most would say they are members.   Some would say they are ministers; but only a few would say they areContinue reading “Releasing the Missionary in You”

The Ultimate Undercover Boss

Personally, I don’t care for most “reality” television shows today.  There is one exception however. I really enjoy Undercover Boss.  It airs on Sunday evenings, so I don’t get to watch it often. But the couple of time I have, I’ve really enjoyed watching people’s reaction when they learn they have just spent a dayContinue reading “The Ultimate Undercover Boss”

Never too young & never too old… To be On Mission

Noah Doyle and Virginia Graves were the youngest and oldest members on our Honduran mission team this year. For the fourteen-year-old Noah, it was his third trip to the Central American country in as many years.  Ms. Virginia, at 83, returned to Honduras for the second straight year.  If you think about it, neither oneContinue reading “Never too young & never too old… To be On Mission”

Finding the ‘living waters’

Guest article by Dr. James A. Kowalski Washington Post, February 13, 2013  (reprinted by permission)  When I heard Jordan’s story, I knew I wouldn’t forget it. Jordan is a young medical practitioner who volunteered in Honduras. I need to share what happened – especially this Lent, a time of renewal. In 2010, Jordan traveled to theContinue reading “Finding the ‘living waters’”

From IHOP® to Waffle House ®

(For audio version  click here) When we compare the challenge of sharing the Gospel with our neighbors today, with what our parents and grandparents faced, it is similar to the difference between pancakes and waffles. You could say, we have moved from IHOP and to the Waffle House. Here is what I mean by thisContinue reading “From IHOP® to Waffle House ®”

Repurposing the “Church”

Recently, I ran across a story in an on-line magazine about a couple in Kyloe, Northumberland, England, who purchased an old church building and turned it into a home. The article stated, “If they had not purchased the old church, who knows what would have happened to it, as it was in very bad shape.”Continue reading “Repurposing the “Church””