The Importance of A Name

In 1977, fish merchant Lee Lantz traveled to Chile and “discovered” the toothfish, a species the locals deemed too oily to eat. Thirty years and a name change later, Chilean sea bass is so popular with American palates that it’s nearly on the verge of extinction. After Canadians developed an oil from the rapeseed plant,Continue reading “The Importance of A Name”


I usually do not make New Year’s resolutions. Not because I don’t want to change, but because I realize resolutions have little or no power, in and of themselves, and most resolutions don’t last more than a few weeks at best. However, I’m making an exception this year. I do have a New Year’s resolution; in fact, I have three. I’m calling them the ABCs of my best year yet!

The Power of Gratitude

When I think of Thanksgiving, the one word that comes to mind is gratitude.   There is incredible power in the words, “thank you.”  It is perhaps the simplest form of recognition and praise, and is something every person needs. Research from the Gallup organization reveals only four out of ten people say they “strongly agree”Continue reading “The Power of Gratitude”

Identity Theft

Last year, almost 10 million people were victims of some type of identity theft. These thieves stole everything from credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and Social Security numbers, to telephone calling cards.  To them, nothing is sacred!   Such criminal behavior continues to increase across our land, and no segment of our society is immune.Continue reading “Identity Theft”