How’s your vision?

Sometimes, I get a kick out of TV commercials.  Recently, there was a series of commercials by an eyeglass company showing various scenes where people did embarrassing and funny things because they couldn’t see what they were doing, or what was going on around them.  One commercial shows a lady jumping into what she thinksContinue reading “How’s your vision?”

“God Sightings”

Every week, a pastor friend begins Sunday morning worship with an invitation to the entire congregation; “Tell us about your God-sightings this week.”  For him, this is the essence of the weekly worship experience – sharing the members’ weekly personal encounters with God. Sharing these God-sightings is the heart of their faith community – theContinue reading ““God Sightings””

One, Two, Three . . . Eyes on Me!

The children were each in their own world.  Some were talking. Others were playing a game. A couple of others were picking at each other.  The noise level had steadily increased several decibels over the last few minutes.  All of the sudden, the teacher’s voice could be heard over everything else, “One, two, three, eyesContinue reading “One, Two, Three . . . Eyes on Me!”


Sometimes, certain words catch my attention and I can’t seem to get them out of my head. It’s like hearing a song over and over that just won’t go away. This happened to me with the word “unleash.”  The word caught my attention through a new ministry we recently launched, called “Unleashed by Design,” aContinue reading “Unleashed”

The Invasion of Grace

One of the most spectacular and magnificent 19th-century military invasions did not conquer new lands or win a great war.  It is rarely mentioned in history books, or celebrated during any holiday.  Yet, this military invasion, because of the monumental resources committed and logistics involved, is considered by military historians to be one of theContinue reading “The Invasion of Grace”

The One Thing That Changes Everything

A couple of weeks ago, on Easter weekend, Apple released its newest technological innovation—the ipad.  After months of media hype, mounting suspense, and millions of dollars of research and development, this little device hit the stores with all the flash and fanfare typical of Steve Jobs. Being a recent convert to the Mac, I haveContinue reading “The One Thing That Changes Everything”

The Sound of a Mighty Rushing Wind

Last Sunday evening, hundreds of residents in High Point and Davidson County, North Carolina got a new perspective on the meaning of the words “the sound of a mighty rushing wind.”  A violent F 3 tornado ripped through our area, leaving a path of destruction not seen in this area in years.  Miraculously, there wereContinue reading “The Sound of a Mighty Rushing Wind”