“Joy Unspeakable”

On my way to work every morning, I pass one of those electronic billboards, with frequently changing messages. Yesterday, I noticed a holiday message, “Eat, drink and be merry!  Enjoy the holidays!”  The sad truth behind this message is for some, the only joy they will experience during the holidays will be in eating, drinking, and beingContinue reading ““Joy Unspeakable””

Remembering a Father’s Love at Christmas

As a ten year-old boy, my father did something that changed my life forever.  For many years, my dad served as the adult leader for a boys mission group called Royal Ambassadors, in our home church in Horse Cave, Kentucky.  Yes, that’s really the name of a small town in south central Kentucky.  Among the many things weContinue reading “Remembering a Father’s Love at Christmas”

Where is Jesus this Christmas?

(For audio version, click here) One of the many Christmas decorations we enjoy each year is our handcrafted nativity set.  There are many family traditions and memories connected to these simple, wooden figurines.  I vividly remember the first Christmas we set out the set as the centerpiece of our decorations that year. We were livingContinue reading “Where is Jesus this Christmas?”