Kingdom Matrix (book review)

Kingdom Matrix:  Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God                                  Author:  Jeff Christopherson This could be one of the most important books a church planter or pastor will ever read.  The author, Jeff Christopherson, hits the proverbial “nail on theContinue reading “Kingdom Matrix (book review)”

Remembering a Father’s Love at Christmas

As a ten year-old boy, my father did something that changed my life forever.  For many years, my dad served as the adult leader for a boys mission group called Royal Ambassadors, in our home church in Horse Cave, Kentucky.  Yes, that’s really the name of a small town in south central Kentucky.  Among the many things weContinue reading “Remembering a Father’s Love at Christmas”

The NIGHT Before Christmas

America is still reeling from the shock of last Friday, December 14, 2012.  What makes the grief even harder to bear is the senseless loss of innocent lives that took place during the season of hope and love. We celebrate the birth of baby Jesus during this holiday season, and last week, children who wereContinue reading “The NIGHT Before Christmas”

Where is Jesus this Christmas?

(For audio version, click here) One of the many Christmas decorations we enjoy each year is our handcrafted nativity set.  There are many family traditions and memories connected to these simple, wooden figurines.  I vividly remember the first Christmas we set out the set as the centerpiece of our decorations that year. We were livingContinue reading “Where is Jesus this Christmas?”

Learning to Walk Worthy . . . “It Takes a Community”

You may have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The saying and its attribution as an African proverb provided the source for the title of a children’s book, It Takes a Village by Jane Cowen-Fletcher, published in 1994.  A few years later, First Lady Hillary Clinton published a book by the same title.  Scholars disagree onContinue reading “Learning to Walk Worthy . . . “It Takes a Community””

What Happened to Thanksgiving?

Is it just my imagination, or do the Christmas decorations come out earlier and earlier every year? This year, almost a month before Halloween, I noticed some of the “big box” stores and shopping malls cranking up their Christmas promotions. It made me ask, “What happened to Thanksgiving?”  Although I saw a few Thanksgiving sales,Continue reading “What Happened to Thanksgiving?”

Being the Church . . . Without Buildings!

Recently, I ran across a story in an on-line magazine about a couple in Kyloe, Northumberland, who purchased an old church building and turned it into a home. The article stated, “If they had not purchased the old church, who knows what would have happened to it, as it was in very bad shape.” ThisContinue reading “Being the Church . . . Without Buildings!”

To Be Continued . . .

I enjoy watching a good drama or mystery on TV.  There is one thing, however, that can ruin the experience.  Just as the plot is getting interesting, and the suspense level rises to a crescendo, the words “… to be continued” appear on the screen.  Don’t you just hate that?  I do!  I don’t wantContinue reading “To Be Continued . . .”