How’s The Soil Where You Live?

It happened again this year. The scorching summer heat effectively killed all the grass in my yard, leaving me to mow the remaining weeds. Regardless of how much I pay for grass seed, or what fertilizer I use, the lush green lawn I start out with in the spring, ends up as a patch ofContinue reading “How’s The Soil Where You Live?”

The Value of Being In His Hands

The potential value of an object changes dramatically when placed in the hands of the right person. A football in my hand is worth about $45. That same football in the hand of Tom Brady is worth about 72 million, according to his contract with the New England Patriots. A tennis racquet in my handContinue reading “The Value of Being In His Hands”

Turning The Church Inside Out

Recently, I read the story in Acts 17 about Paul and Silas preaching the Gospel in the city of Thessalonica.  Their preaching resulted in a number of people coming to faith, and becoming followers of Jesus.  Also, a number of religious people in the same city were so offended they gathered a mob and attackedContinue reading “Turning The Church Inside Out”

Encourage One Another

Seldom have I seen pastors and leaders encouraging one another the way they did last week at a leadership-training event. On May 3rd the PBA Leadership Team sponsored a conference entitled, “Pursuing Excellence: Taking Your Church to the Next Level.”   Early in the planning process, the Leadership Development Team decided rather than inviting the usual “big name”Continue reading “Encourage One Another”