An Army of Ordinary People

Felicity Dale, in An Army of Ordinary People, relates story after story, of ordinary people, used by God to do extraordinary work, start churches, and advance the Kingdom.  Every chapter relates a powerful story of how God worked through people from different social, cultural, educational, and religious backgrounds, and transformed them into followers of Christ with a passion to reach and disciple people with the Gospel.

The stories are well written, and each packs a spiritually powerful punch.  God used a couple of these stories to bring conviction in my own heart about what I need to be doing as a follower of Jesus, and how I can more effectively leverage my influence to bring about changes in my own community.

The stories are about real people, living real lives, and each one reveals a different aspect of how, through the power of God’s Spirit, ordinary people became catalysts for amazing transformation in their families, their workplaces and their communities.  As the author says, they are “people with outrageous faith, who have dared to take God at His word, make disciples, and join Him in building His church.”

What I love about this book is the way Felicity Dale connects each story with biblical principles of discipleship and church planting.  The stories reveal her passion for, and experience in, the modern church planting movement.  Her honesty is refreshing.  Leaving nothing out, she includes both, the good and bad, the successes and failures.

As she says, “this book is not aimed at theologians or people who want to read deep and complicated philosophical or theological discussion.  This book is for believers who are in the trenches, willing to get their hands dirty in the pain and glory of life.  It is for those who are not afraid to go where Jesus did – people who are willing to let God be God, and to do things His way.”

I believe you will be blessed, inspired and encouraged by the stories found in this book, and at the same time, I think you will be challenged to re-think what it means to be the church, as well as what it means to participate in “planting” God’s church where you live.

Larry Doyle


About Larry Doyle

Larry is the Director of Missions for the Piedmont Baptist Association. He has served overseas with the International Mission Board (SBC), in Charlotte NC as the Director of International Ministries, and as a pastor in North Carolina and Kentucky. He is married to Rebekah Hill, a native of Greensboro NC, and has two children and three grandchildren.
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2 Responses to An Army of Ordinary People

  1. Larry
    Thank you for an awesome review of my book, “An Army of Ordinary People.” You review captures the heart of what I hoped to get across!

  2. Love your site man keep up the good work

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