What’s In your Wallet

Without a doubt, when we hear this question, we are reminded of a certain credit card. The card, according to the TV commercial, should be in our wallets if we want to avoid the horrors of high interest rates and hidden fees.

The question, “What’s in your wallet?” is more relevant to our lives than we might initially think.  The contents of our wallets tell a lot about who we are. For most of us, our wallets contain our driver’s license and other identification, important and vital to who we are, and what we do. They tell where we live, where we go, and in general terms, define us as a person.

The next question we have to ask is “How do we feel about what’s in our wallet?” Do we treasure those things? Some people carry photos of their children or grandchildren.  Others have pictures of their fiancé, their spouse, or their family.  Some have great rolls of cash. The things we carry in our wallets are things we hold dear for one reason or another.

Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Luke 12:34)  What we carry in our wallet, in a very real sense, reflects what we treasure.  And, where our treasure is, there we’ll find our hearts.

The heart, in Jesus’ day was thought to be the center of a man’s volition.  Choices and decision came from the heart, not the head. Recent Gallup research reveals most decisions are made from emotion rather than logic. (Married to the Brand, Gallup Press, 2009).  The condition of our heart therefore is critical!  Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8.)

If what’s in our wallet reveals what’s in our heart, then we’d better take a serious look at the content of our wallets, and more importantly at how we feel about what we find there.  We may discover the condition of our heart is not at all what it should be.  If so, then our only solution is to turn to the only One who can “create a new heart” within us. (Psalms 51:10).

So, what’s in your wallet?  What do you treasure? What does it say about your heart?

Published by Larry Doyle

Larry is the Director of Missions for the Piedmont Baptist Association. He has served overseas with the International Mission Board (SBC), in Charlotte NC as the Director of International Ministries, and as a pastor in North Carolina and Kentucky. He is married to Rebekah Hill, a native of Greensboro NC, and has two children and three grandchildren.

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